Quality Software Engineering


1.35 (SS 1402162307)

  • Scan history added
  • .options command added
  • options page added
  • power button added

1.31 (SS 1401171658)

  • Change selection color from browser bar
  • Project branch “Bleeding Edge” created. Latest features tested here before wider release

1.30 (SS 1401111849)

  • boolean search with comma-separated list

1.21 (SS 1401051053)

  • new document compression algorithm implemented

1.17 (SS 1230130014)

  • manifest name changed to “deeper history”
  • manifest description changed

1.16 (SS 1228131649)

  • help page created
  • when match not found default suggestion is now help page
  • “.help” commend to help page
  • flag to track if result found

1.15 (SS 1228130143)

  • Improved document compression
  • matched word shows in suggestion
  • highlight and scroll to matched word on destination page
  • dialog shows if matched word no longer on page
  • selection color changed to yellow
  • tab opened using ctrl+click now being put in queue and processed
  • results opened on overflow page now trigger highlighting

1.14 (SS 1227130056)

  • Startup now stable

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