Quality Software Engineering

DH Is Getting A New And Improved Compression Algorithm

I will be releasing DH with a new algorithm I wrote that improves the data compression of your history content by about 50%. I’m calling it an adaptive cache compression algorithm. 

Also the old compression algorithm has been improved to reduce or eliminate “noise” from sites like Facebook and Google Drive that inject a lot of data into their pages.

Lastly, I’ve decided to implement a site black list. I was not in favor of this before because I refuse to implement non-general solutions, but with Google’s search page my reasoning is two-fold. 

  1. Why would anyone recall the content of a search page? You would just Google it again – it’s faster.
  2. The value of indexed content from this page was so little, yet it’s database footprint was so large.

So after looking at those two reasons I decided, in this case, a “fitted” solution was warranted.



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