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bttl Terminology & Photo Sharing

In case you don’t know here’s the lingo of bttl:

 bttl – a message
ocean – the main bttl stream you see when you click the little bottle in the right corner
sea – bttl stream separated by language
pond – a sub-stream of a sea that is centered around a certain topic

bttl now supports photo posting. You don’t actually upload photos; rather, you simply link to photos already on the net. Here are the instructions on posting photos.

1.) Right-click on an image you see somewhere and select “Copy Image Url”

2.) Activate bttl by typing “bttl” in the url bar then pressing tab

3.) paste the url between brackets. It should look like this:


4.) You can put a caption over the image by typing in the message before the brackets. It should look like this:

Your message to be placed over image [http://yourImageUrl.jpg]

5.) You can also make your image be a link to the current page you’re viewing. Do this by adding a ‘*’ to the end of your bttl. It should look like this:

Your message to be placed over image [http://yourImageUrl.jpg]*

You can do this with image without captions as well. That looks like this:


2 responses

  1. i thought about an equivalent to ponds, today on the subway: using different colored bottles. . .but that would clutter up the extensions bar or whatever you call that place where chrome extension icons sit, and hence be a finite solution.

    as you try to separate streams in the ocean, for clarity’s sake, you run (or flow) inescapably towards more of a threads analogy; as in forum threads (which, ipso facto challenges your central anonymity concept), but also as in weaving. With threads, the possibility of a warp and a woof arises: respond to a particular bottle and a cross current to the stream appears, running perpendicularly. (Mixed metaphors are inescapable here, i think)
    you’d still, at the top level, under the bttl icon, get the time-sequential stream of newest bottles, but by “pulling the cork” on any given bottle (by right clicking maybe) you’d get “the message”; that is you’d access the series: the bottle you uncorked, the bottle that was being responded to, the bottle that that bottle was itself a response to, etc etc

    one way to implement this might be by assigning random numbers to bottles; these numbers could be quoted (in braces, say) in the address bar when creating a new bottle; then when anyone pulls the cork on a bottle in the stream (that is in the ocean under the bttl icon) you’d initiate a lookup for all bottles referencing that i.d. number

    you maybe have in mind some kind of method for creating topical ponds? programming in c++; pro football; philosophy of technology; anti-fracking; creationism; justin bieber; death metal and such like ponds? Or are you thinking just of more or less random ponds with limited input? Just remember each computer operator is like a beachcomber on a public beach. . . |^|

    by the way should there be a limit to the stream length?


    March 22, 2014 at 2:39 am

    • @shamari_feaster

      I’m really liking the idea of “uncorking” bottles. You got the idea behind a pond correct. They are going topically centered. As for length of a stream, I’m still working through some attenuation strategies. Your input was really valuable here. I appreciate that.


      March 22, 2014 at 2:40 pm

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