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Deeper History Mobile Is On The Way

Soon Deeper History will allow you to recall anything you have looked at on any of your devices from any of your devices. I’m very excited about this as it will take DH from an application to a service and get me closer to my dream of working on DH full time.


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  1. david


    DH has great potential for me. It seems near the perfect paradigm- that of assisting the natural processes of memory. Is that your goal? Memory comes in short and long term and is focused by tagging processes.(to summarize ad absurdum)

    So DH might be best working with Bookmarks, since these have already been marked for future reference- though only simply (noteworthy here is a favorite Chrome extension of mine “Bookmark#” which allows multiple nested tags per item; and these tags are also chrome bookmark folders).The scanning of non-bookmarked history items would be a very important, but still a special case, performed, as you suggest, in the background or on demand.
    (I’ve gather that this is your intent but hope you don’t mind listening to my take on it.) A command set that would include parameters enabling events like “dh: scan yesterdays unbookmarked history” or “dh: search only this afternoon’s bookmarks” would be great- “search/scan”: i’d expect bookmarked pages to be scanned as they are created. A great deal of only cursorily examined material is often bookmarked for later study. That’s similar to short term human memory where events are briefly stored when they may need to be examined more closely soon, in light of upcoming events and discoveries. But with Bookmarks the lack of sensory hints make them hard to find again; that’s another place where DH’s intercession can really help; there i’d expect fast flawless assistance. On the other hand if i had only a clue or two about something unbookmarked that i’d come across days (or hours) ago, I certainly wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes for indexing.

    by the way A DH Icon appeared rather mysteriously yesterday in the extensions bar; since it only allowed me to shut DH down- which is dangerous (might forget to restart it) I disabled the icon. But since then DH seemed to have missed a great deal of my history. Don’t know if those events are interconnected. . .also i’ve occasionally had to restart chrome to get DH to work. . .a final point: using a key to page through search results in the address bar would be nice. . .

    Thank you Sir, I hope you nail this thing and go on to improve the culture at Google- or wherever you land


    February 18, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    • deeperhistory

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. I really like the analogy you made about human memory. One of my ultimate goals with this project is to make recalling things you have seen as fast as possible. Sort of like an infallible short term memory. You suggestion about scanning bookmarks is a really good one. I have put that on my list of features to add.

      The on/off button was a hard decision for me. I have a business partner who felt really strongly about putting it in. Although it has proven useful for me when I am working on DH, I had serious reservations about it being pushed automatically to users. As DH doesn’t have much of a UI I didn’t really have a good place to explain what it was about.

      I am concerned about your history being missing. The update process has been opaque to me. You can check your database by activating the extension and then typing in “.db” and enter. Look there to see if you history is missing or if it has gone “stale.” Currently history older than 3 days stays in your database but the application doesn’t cache it and therefor it is no longer searchable. Not ideal at all, but letting you search any time frame you wish with an operator is a feature that is high up on my priority list so please bear with me.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write.


      February 18, 2014 at 8:41 pm

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