Quality Software Engineering

Life After LifeHacker

So many thanks to Mr. Alan Henry at LifeHacker.com for blogging about Deeper History.  In the six days since the article publication, the DH user base has grown from 100 to over 1000. To be perfectly honest, I was not really prepared for the responsibility of maintaining an app that people actually use. There was a moment where I almost threw my hands up and said “I’m not getting paid for this, so screw it.”

Then I thought about all the other good ideas I’ve had over the years that I quit before I even really tried and decided that DH was not going to be one of them. I actually have an idea for how to generate revenue and I can say that I have successfully proved the concept by getting a sizable user base in a short period of time. I’ve decided to reach out to one of the old Linkstreme team members to help me turn DH into a legit software company.

Anyways, you can check out the places DH has been written about if you want.





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