Quality Software Engineering

We Have Over 100 Users!

I know that’s not a lot a huge amount of people but for me it’s a big deal to have that many people using software that I built. I work really hard to try and make software that helps make people’s lives easier and the fact that I have people installing and, most importantly, not uninstalling my stuff is really encouraging.

For those who don’t know, engineering (good) software is an incredibly complex, time-consuming, and (mostly) thank-less job. It takes many 10’s or even 100’s of hours to make even simple software run well. Sometimes I think I must be crazy to do all this work for almost nothing in return. But to tell the truth, I really love doing it. It’s my creative outlet.

I believe software engineering to be one of the highest forms of creativity. As a software engineer, I get to bring my thoughts to life in almost any sensory domain. If I want you to feel something, I can program a robot to reach out and touch you. I still make music but I get fr more joy from making Chrome Extensions for all of you. If you are 1 of those hundred people, thank you very much for using my software and tell a friend!


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