Quality Software Engineering


I was still intrigued by the idea of using the user’s own browsing history to add value to their lives. That was, after all, the common thread between my original Blundle idea and Jack’s ludicrous data mining idea. It was from that common thread that the seeds of Deeper History were planted.

The actual spark came when I was trying to tell my wife about a comment I had read the night before on Gawker. The only thing I could remember was that it had to do with Richard Nixon and the War on Drugs. So I searched my browser history for those terms and nothing came up. I started Googling and after about 3-4 minutes I was about to give up. I ended up finding the quote but that experience made me wonder why finding that quote had been such a chore even though I was just on that sight less than 24 hours ago. I wondered whether it would be possible to have a history that would have caught that quote and let me recall it quicker than I had.

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