Quality Software Engineering


I was pissed. How had I wasted so much of my life? The falling out was ugly and there was a part of me that wondered how I would feel if I was wrong about quitting the project and how I would feel if years later that asshole had somehow managed to make something out of the project. The more I thought the more I became convinced that I was right about quitting.

I began to look at what, in hind sight, went wrong with the project. First I thought about the fact that there wasn’t any money on the line. No one had any skin in the game. This in and of itself isn’t terrible but it can cause people to become overly emotionally involved in a project. It becomes this labor of love and where there is more than one person and all that emotion – things get messy.

Jack made the assumption that users would be OK with their browsing history being sent off to our servers and processed. I knew that we’d have to have a pretty sweet pot of honey to make users overlook what amounts to a massive breach of their privacy. Our promise of auto-categorized and curating user history was not going to be enough.


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