Quality Software Engineering

Working On MMCD Version 0.3

MMCD was in need of some improvement so I set about working on it last night. The PortManager module is much improved. This module makes message passing plug and play. It deals with Chrome’s tendency to randomly open and close ports automatically. For applications using content scripts, PortManager adds instant stability. I built this module when working on Blundle (now called Tab Killer).

Blundle was going to let user’s load a package of  links into the extension by clicking on links with a special ‘bld’ protocol. I needed the content script to recognize that protocol, prevent default link action, and then send the link data to the background script to be parsed and loaded into the popup. I found that Chrome liked to open and close port, seemingly at random so I developed PortManager to keep a map of open port on any given tab as well as other port related functions.

There were also random bugs in my UtilityManager’s printf function but the meat of this update is PortManager improvement.





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