Quality Software Engineering


We went about trying to act like a start-up. Bi-Weekly meetings and such. We spent so much time pretending to be a business we forgot to actually write any code. After about 5 weeks of this dicking around, I finally said “either we start coding or I quit.” The only other coder in the group, let’s call him Jack, agreed and everyone else, for all intents and purposes, quit. Turns out Jack pretty much quit too because in the following 5 weeks he didn’t produce a single line of code while I worked 5-8 hour days trying to build this thing only to find out, after it was built, that it was actually a terrible idea.

It turns out having to think of what categories shit should go into is not fun and I didn’t want to do it. I hated using my own product. I should have taken that as a omen and quit right there. But I didn’t.

I had built a pretty neat extensions, which later became “Tab Killer.” I approached Jack about releasing what I had built under another name to get some feedback while we waited on him to finish his server side part. That discussion didn’t go well, I realized neither Jack nor the project were worth the trouble any longer and I quit.


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