Quality Software Engineering


So I left another project on bad terms about 10 days ago. The project was, in retrospect, a horrible idea. Despite this, I had spent on the order of about 100 hours working on it. I should start a bit further back.

In May of 2013, I started work on a project I called Blundle. It was supposed to be “the first truly exciting thing in search since Google.” Talk about inflated ambitions! Basically, the application was going to let users group links into bundles of links, hence the name Blundle. If you were doing research on The Arab Spring that would be the name of the blundle and it would have sub categories like “countries” and “leaders.” A user could save the blundle and it would be pushed to a server and subsequent users would be able to search for and load that bundle of links directly into a browser extension by clicking on a search result.

I realized Blundle was too much work for one person , and I put an ad up on sideprojectors.com looking for people to work on it with me. I got hit up by this team in Boston who were working on something that, on the surface, sounded very similar. With that, off we went down the road to some serious time wastage.


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